PTZ Surveillance Cameras

The Surprising Benefits of PTZ Surveillance Cameras

Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras come with lots of benefits when compared to traditional security cameras. Generally, the field of view for a conventional security camera is defined during the installation and it doesn’t change without any manual adjustment. On the other hand, PTZ cameras can operate flexibly in a 360-degree plane.

In this article, let us discuss some of the surprising benefits of using PTZ security cameras over traditional security systems.

Field of View:

As mentioned earlier, PTZ cameras can operate in a 360-degree plane and both the tilt and pan can be pre-programmed. This facilitates installation in areas like rooftops or parking lots, which generally require a series of cameras to monitor such a large area. In areas where there is a requirement for more CCTV cameras, one or two PTZ cameras can do the work. Due to its ability to cover a large area, PTZ cameras cut down the expenses and maximize the protection levels in your organization or at your home.

Motion Tracking

PTZ cameras have in-built motion tracking sensors. This helps to track an object or person by detecting their motion. These cameras automatically pan, tilt and zoom when they detect an object or a person. In case of any theft, PTZ motion detection would provide you a clear footage of the event. This helps you to provide evidence during the legal proceedings.

Powerful Build Quality

The build quality of PTZ cameras is very rigid. They are made of the hardest of the elements to withstand the rough weather conditions and also the extreme conditions have no effect on the performance of PTZ cameras. They are also tamper-resistant as they are encased in a high strength poly-carbonate dome. They are highly shatterproof to vandals.

Option for High Definition

High-end PTZ cameras, which are available in IP versions, provide 720p and 1080p recording. For instance, Hikvision cameras, which are approved by the government, provide a high definition video footage in 1080p resolution. Moreover, it is much easier to install PTZ cameras when compared to the traditional analog cameras. If your organization requires high-resolution recording, only then it is advised to purchase high-end PTZ cameras. This is because the high-end models require a large space to store the recordings when compared to the traditional security systems.

These are some of the benefits offered by the PTZ surveillance cameras.