used car at Bangalore

How to properly inspect the exterior of a car

A key thing in the process of buying a used car is to inspect it and to take it for a test drive. It gives you the chance to get an actual feel and experience of driving the car. Knowing the current state of the used car at Bangalore is important as that’s how the car will be if you decided to proceed with the purchase.

Inspect during the day

Inspecting the car should be done during the day so that you can easily spot any bumps, dents, and damages it has. Make sure that you have enough time to conduct the inspection so that you won’t skip anything or miss any important detail.

External damages

If the car has previously experienced any damages from an accident, you will most likely be able to find out about it if you look keenly. The car would most likely be repainted to conceal the repairs made to it and any other damages it has. Check for seams inside the door rims and see if the original color is bleeding through. You should also take a look under the trunk carpet and see what the original color on this spot is. However, do keep in mind that repainting is not necessarily an indication of accidents as there could be other reasons to it. It is best to ask the owner.

A car is prone to scratches and small rusts depending on the weather conditions of the area. This is a normal occurrence but you should be alarmed if they are much larger. The wheel well is the first area to corrode so take a look at it and check its condition.

The lights

You can ask someone else to switch the lights and turn signals on so that you can be sure they are working properly from the outside. Run the engine and observe the color of smoke it produces. The smoke’s color should either be clear or light grey, not black or blue as these are indication that the car has serious problems.